Introducing the Ustream Developer Network!

Live Interactive Broadcasting!

The Developer Network provides the APIs, keys, sample calls, documentation, and the opportunity to distribute your cool application through the network. You can start accessing Ustream’s great content now and create new ways for broadcasters and viewers to share, show, and surf our content.

How to get started? We made it pretty simple:

1. Register

2. Try

3. Create

4. Share

Register for the Ustream.TV Developer Network. Write a call to return Ustream.TV content. See below for some simple calls. Develop your application. Share your applications with Ustream.TV. Let us know through the forum.


It’s a painless process. You’ll a developer key so you can write your application. Simply go to:
Once you register for a user account, then apply for you API key:


Give our APIs a try. Here are some easy ones:

Search for all the broadcasters with the name, Bob

Get the Most Watched Live Show

Stream a live show right to your browser

Try in your favorite output


We have a rich set of information for you to use so you can code fast.


Pages and pages
of handy useful information at

Hear more about our APIs from our API manager, Michael Gillen.
Read our blog at

Get help from
other developers. Go to


We’re looking for creativity to extend and enhance the world of live broadcasting. Go to our forum and our API gallery to see what people are doing today.


Ah, the end! Now, tell us what you’ve done! Send URLs, pictures, screen captures to share with us what you have created. We’ll review for posting in the API gallery (embed, Then we’ll also communicate your work to our users.